8th March – The plane has touched down and everyone is busy negotiating the airport and collections bags! More to follow.

8th March – A perfectly smooth first day with no problems. Weather was fantastic in Barcelona; perfect beach and ice cream weather! No issues with our transfer and all settled in about to head down for dinner. Skis and boots collected, ready to go first thing!

9th March – First day of Skiing and plenty of wind but plenty of progress too. A slow start with a long walk with skis but in the end the sun came out and everyone had a great first day on the slopes.

10th March – (They’ve had a very busy day so a little late with the update) A hugely successful second day on the slopes. A day that started cold ended up extremely hot! The beginner group progressed on the chair lift and have come on leaps and bounds. The intermediate group made it further up and the advanced group to the highest point on our mountain and stood on the border with Spain whilst looking at France! This evening we headed out to swim at the Palau De Gel which is always  a ski trip favourite amongst the children. More sun expected tomorrow: 18-20 degrees celsius!

11th March – Day 3 on the slopes and wow, what a hot one! 21 degrees celsius! Progress continues to be amazing (despite sticky afternoon snow!). This evening we headed into Andorra La Vella (the capital city and the highest capital in Europe) and did a bit of souvenir shopping before having a drink as a group. After dinner lights and bedtime has been superb; the best trip we’ve had!

12th March – Day 4 and more sun! All the groups are skiing all over the mountain now and having lots of fun on the slopes. This evening we went into La Vella for bowling. We had the place to ourself and children got to compete in groups. A sudden loud and unexpected fire alarm ended another successful day in Andorra!

13th March – Final day of skiing and what and eventful one!Lots of empty slopes and great conditions and most importantly an injury free week! After packing our bags and finishing the final quiz rounds, we headed into town for pizza night. To end the night we had our ski visit traditional end of week awards. Another superb bedtime from the children and we headed in for our final sleep!

14th March – They are on the way. Any updates, delays or spilt drinks will be posted here and on Facebook so stay tuned.

Ski Trip are at the gate and leaving on time. All on schedule so far.

Everyone has boarded the plane but there is a delay due to air traffic control. We will update shortly

Ski Trip has landed and are negotiating the airport and waiting for bags. We’ll update once they get on the coach but aiming for 7.30pm. We’re expecting some excellet goggle-tans with the warm weather they had!