Gross Motor Skills and Coordination

Small group work for children who find age appropriate gross motor skills more challenging and need further development of cross body or hand/eye coordination.  It focuses on the three principles of ABC (Agility, Balance and Coordination). This group is through the context of PE activities that are differentiated or use specialist equipment and is led by The Head of PE.


Due to a medical need, individuals who require daily or weekly physiotherapy within school.

Forest Schools

At Two Mile Ash we always have the children at the very centre of everything we do.  Forest  Schools is the perfect opportunity for pupils to learn about themselves and their natural environment through their own experiences within our own setting.  It enables them to develop their self-esteem, confidence whilst learning to work and respect others as a team yet nurturing their own individuality and independence.

During the forest School sessions pupils are able to learn about their natural environment and the world around them, it helps them develop both fine and gross motor skills through knot tying and climbing trees for example.  By learning to work together to build a natural shelter that can fit everyone it and the risks and benefits involved when using small hand tools are all part of the activities that the pupils will get to experience.  Sharing our findings and explorations during community time around a camp fire with hot chocolate and cookies  allows pupils time to learn, to listen and share thoughts with each other.  Forest schools has strong  cross curricular links to science, PE  and PSHCE  curriculums to name but a few.