Learning Skill Development (In class if required)

Group work or individual work for individuals who are significantly behind their peers in one of our Learning Skills (The bees!).  This may be within a specific lesson or it may be across a range of subjects.

Social Scripts

Social stories are short descriptions of a particular or specific event or situation, including information about what to expect in the situation and why. These can work well to support children with ASD or Social Communication Difficulties to understand everyday events therefore reducing their anxieties and frustrations.

Circle Time / Physical Unwinding.

For children who need a reflection time at the end of the day to ensure that the end of the day is calm and to reflect on the positives of the day or for other individuals who need to use physical activity as a way of unwinding and releasing any tension from the day before going home.

Supported social lunch

Children who may find the lunch hall or classroom to busy and noisy and need small supported lunchtime within the Inclusion Base. Opportunities for social discussion and appropriate lunchtime skills reinforced.


Mentoring for children who need regular check in opportunities throughout the day or week in order to work through short term challenging situations or short term difficult personal circumstances.

Life Skill Development

Group Work based around a practical approach to learning for children who find specific everyday life skills or social situations more challenging to understand such as crossing the road, buying items in a shop, phone calls, safety awareness.