Speech and Language Therapy

Specialist assessment and intervention for children with Speech, Language and Communication needs (SLCN) by our Speech and Language Therapist. This can be conducted either within or outside of the classroom environment depending on need. Usually required for children who are emerging on the higher scales of the FACT profile.


An intensive small group intervention for all primary school children who have delayed speech and language skills. The individual, group and class based tasks help children ‘boost’ their language to that expected of their developmental age, and apply skills they have learned to the curriculum. The group runs 3 times a week for 8 weeks, and focuses on the following areas: listening carefully, vocabulary, telling stories and saying what happens, remembering and thinking, working with others, making friends and having conversations. Each child’s progress can be measured and compared to their baseline score at the end of the intervention block.

Pre-teaching vocabulary

Small group work for children who may have a language need that means it is harder for them to recognise, learn and use language that is specific to a certain topic or subject (learning journey or science). Vocabulary is introduced prior to the lesson and reinforced throughout the term through repetition and by teaching children strategies for remembering and recall the meaning.

Promoting Speech, Language and Communication across our school

On October 3rd 2018, TMA took part in the National ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’ (NPDW), organised by the Communication Trust. NPDW aims to raise awareness of children’s communication skills, placing emphasis on the importance of spoken language. Staff and children at TMA were challenged to find other ways to record ideas during lessons, but gave lots of positive feedback on the experience.