Specialist Haven English and Maths

A small group learning environment for children working significantly behind their peer group in English or Maths. Small step, kinaesthetic approach led by an experienced teacher. Also focusing on learning skills and confidence in their own ability.

Specialist Haven non-core curriculum

A small learning environment for children who struggle to access non-core learning within the mainstream classroom. A kinaesthetic, fun, small step approach based around a theme and led by an experienced teacher.  A place where all children can achieve.

Haven Nurture Sessions

A group work session within the Haven that offers children time to offload from their morning within the mainstream classroom and provide opportunity to work on their personal ‘toolbox’ of strategies that help them navigate the challenges of the school environment and life.

Gradual start to the day

For children who find the entry into school too challenging and need a more individualised approach to starting the day. Opportunity to meet a trusted adult, talk about their morning and plans for the day before arriving in their classroom at 8.45.