All about us

We are Mrs Reeb and Miss Abbas and we are the leaders Geography at Two Mile Ash School. We enjoy geography because it underpins everything we do in life – where and how we travel, how we respect our environment, our weather systems and understanding our world has never been more important.  Our favourite part of geography has be natural disasters.  Not only are they physically intriguing, but they emphasise the toll on humanity and how humans are contributing to the increased frequency of these disasters – it’s very thought provoking!

Mrs Reeb

Miss Abbas

Geography at TMA

Geography at TMA has a great balance of human and physical geography and there is a clear progression of knowledge as children move through the school.  Children begin by looking at local geography and are taught to locate and compare different locations, explore amazing places and to understand the impact of humans on the natural world.

Children are engaged through a number of inspiration days, such as our ‘Rainforest exploration’ and ‘Amazing Americas’ days where they are immersed in the sights, sounds and cultures of these locations.

Links to local community

This amazing local charity has lots to offer schools, families and individuals from Junior Park Rangers, nature walks, litter picks, and a whole host of monthly activities.