Have a go at some of these activities at home! You could bring these with you on your first day in September so that your teacher can learn all about you!

Design Your Own Name Placemat For Your New Classroom

On your first day at Two Mile Ash School, how will you know where to sit in the classroom? On card or paper, have a go at designing and creating your own name placemat or sign that can go on your table to remind you of where to sit. You might want to fold it in half so it can stand up like a sign. Try and make it bright and colourful so that you can always spot it!

Spread My Wings

Your new teacher can’t wait to meet you! Do you think you could help your new teacher to get to know you by completing this booklet and telling your teacher everything that they need to know about you?

All About Me

We want to know lots of interesting facts about you! What’s your favourite colour? What’s your favourite book? Have a go at completing this ‘All About Me’ poster and we can look at each other’s when we’re back at school. Perhaps there is someone with the same favourite book as you!

My Lockdown Memories

It’s been very strange for all of us not going to normal school and lots of us have had to stay at home! We’re sure you’ve been very busy with lots of fun activities. Can you write down or draw some of your best memories?

English Transition

Have a go at some fun spelling and grammar games and activities before joining us in Year 3! We’d love to see how fabulous you all are with your words and sentences!

Maths Transition

Have a go at some fun maths games and activities before joining us in Year 3! We’d love to see what maths whizzes you all are!

My Top 5 Worries about returning school

It’s very normal to feel a bit worried about coming to a new school but it’s important to tell us your worries so that we can help you. Can you write or draw your top five worries and then also tell us the things you are looking forward to?

Summer Holidays Snapshot

Once you’ve had your summer holidays, can you draw some pictures of  your best bits? This will help you to remember all the fantastic things that you did!