Year 3 Weekly Spellings














pens pencils rulers
this this this
then then then
them them them
for for for
look look look
he he he
she she she
we we we
me me me
be be be
anxious anxious anxious
nestled nestled nestled
pens pencils rulers
disagree wrong all
disapprove write tall
dislike wrap almost
disappear wrote wall
unlock wrinkle already
unhappy wrestle stalk
unkind wrist small
incomplete wriggle also
independent wring talking
incorrect wreck balls
then then then
them them them
quivering quivering quivering
pens pencils rulers
impatient warmer face
impolite quickest race
impossible faster price
immortal larger certain
immature largest circus
imperfect cuter except
incapable widest police
incomplete rudest cycle
independent bravest city
incorrect ruder pencil
them them them
for for for
alternate alternate alternate
pens pencils rulers
famous funnier sloppy
poisonous tidier funny
dangerous happiest boggy
hazardous silliest muddy
mountainous prettier nutty
nervous luckier spotty
venomous trickier foggy
ridiculous slimiest runny
fabulous prettiest dotty
enormous luckiest yummy
look look look
he he he
tremendous tremendous tremendous
pens pencils rulers
one one one
two two two
three three three
four four four
five five five
six six six
seven seven seven
eight eight eight
nine nine nine
ten ten ten
eleven eleven eleven
twelve twelve twelve
thirteen thirteen thirteen
fourteen fourteen fourteen
fifteen fifteen fifteen
sixteen sixteen sixteen
seventeen seventeen seventeen
eighteen eighteen eighteen
nineteen nineteen nineteen
twenty twenty twenty
pens pencils rulers
suddenly sadder shiny
carefully bigger spicy
finally wetter whiny
completely maddest lazy
humbly saddest breezy
gently hotter crazy
simply slimmer smoky
horribly fittest cheesy
nicely madder snappy
giggly slimmest sunny
she she she
we we we
identity identity identity
pens pencils rulers
adventure key sadly
mixture donkey loudly
future chimney badly
picture turkey bravely
furniture trolley quickly
creature jockey slowly
capture money gladly
nature honey quietly
temperature alley normally
sculpture hockey softly
go go go
that that that
ambitious ambitious ambitious
pens pencils rulers
temptation kindness knew
preparation foolishness know
admiration sadness knot
information illness knight
sensation goodness knit
explanation lateness knife
adoration weakness kneel
cancellation darkness knee
observation quietness knock
reservation softness knuckle
you you you
they they they
despise despise despise
pens pencils rulers
chemist happiness shy
character dizziness sky
chemical jolliness fly
chaos silliness reply
chorus bossiness cry
school sloppiness try
scheme spiciness spy
echo goodness dry
anchor shyness horrify
stomach dryness butterfly
all all all
are are are
perched perched perched
pens pencils rulers
chef rattle putting
chalet simple tripping
chandelier triangle nodding
machine middle clapping
brochure giggle knotting
moustache tickle drumming
parachute handle prodding
charade purple beginning
chute battle spinning
pistachio table shrugging
my my my
her her her
shimmer shimmer shimmer