All about me

I love music: I’ve been playing guitar for twenty years and singing for even longer. I also love being involved in theatre and productions – basically I love a chance to show off!

I’ve directed shows for children of all different ages, from 7-17, and I’ve lead singing sessions for thousands of children over the years.

Music & Performing Arts at TMA

Music and Performing Arts is in everything we do here at TMA. We do a production in each year group, in which absolutely everyone gets involved. It could be that you love singing, dancing or acting, maybe you’d love to be part of the stage crew, helping with lights or music tech – everyone is super important when it comes to putting on a successful production. We also do a whole school production in the summer term, we hold auditions and rehearsals over the spring and summer to put a really spectacular performance together. Music is everywhere too! There are instruments you can learn as a whole class, from ocarina and recorder in lower school to ukulele and samba drumming in upper school. And if you’re interested in learning a musical instrument like the clarinet, flute, trumpet, violin or guitar, we have peripatetic music teachers and clubs to help you do that. Normally, every year group has a singing assembly each week, and I use those to teach songs of all sorts; even songs that help you learn about history, geography, celebrations and maths! If you really love singing, then Harmonize is the club for you. It’s our choir: we sing, perform and love every second! Harmonize perform at lots of different events over the school year, including Young Voices at the O2 Arena in London. If you’re looking to learn more about singing technique and really push yourself, it’s a fantastic club

Links to Local and National Community

This year, we are taking part in several local events which will be held in the summer term. We will be taking part in the Young Voices Biggest Sing in February, helping them to break the Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous singalong. We’ll be taking part in the MK Primary Music Festival and we have plans for productions in the summer term, so watch out for announcements!