We would like to refresh everyone with our policy on punctuality.

 ¨ Children are expected to arrive at school between 8.30 am and 8.40 am to ensure they are settled and ready to start their learning and receive their registration mark. Learning activities and some intervention groups occur during this time.

¨ The registration period runs until 8.50 am and registers are closed to enable lessons to start promptly by 9 am.

¨ A late mark is given to any child arriving after 8.50 am.

¨ Late marks are recorded in five-minute intervals.

¨ If a child exceeds an accumulated 30 minutes late, parents will be contacted to discuss and further support from the school is available. Intervention from school can sometimes be a welcomed helping hand for supporting the child with routines in the morning.

¨ If a child arrives after 9:10 am, they will be given an unauthorised mark.

¨ Three unauthorised marks will result in a meeting between parents and the school.

¨ Should there be further unauthorised marks, a referral for a fixed penalty fine could be issued.