Year 4 Inspiration Day – 24th March

Historic Workshops will be coming to our school on Friday 24th March to deliver an in-school Viking workshop. The day will be a perfect way to end our history topic and a hands on learning experience that will bring our topic learning to life.

Workshops are incredibly valuable for the children’s learning as the workshop leaders are experts in their subject and bring with them equipment that schools simply cannot afford, and therefore enable them to deliver sessions that schools cannot match.

The workshop begins with an introduction from a Viking warrior! The warrior will talk about the weapons, shields, helmets and armour they have with them. They will demonstrate how these were used during the Viking era.

The rest of the day is then mostly taken up with our hands-on and highly-engaging sessions. These will include: battle formations and tactics, Viking board games, archaeology and artefact investigations.

Adam Shirley

Head of Year 4