Sports Day 2023

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are very pleased to announce the Two Mile Ash School Sports Days 2023. Last year, it was Townsend House that claimed victory! Who will it be this year? Children will take part in a series of individual and team challenges within their House Teams on the following dates:
Year 3 – Tuesday 27th June 2023
Year 4 – Wednesday 28th June 2023
Year 5 – Thursday 29th June 2023
Year 6 – Friday 30th June 2023
We are pleased to invite families to spectate. Timings for Sports Days will be 9am-11:15am. Access to the school field for spectators is between 9am and 9:15am. No leaving/re-entering will be permitted after these times as the gate will be closed.
Please access the school field directly via an entrance located off Clay Hill (signs will be up on the day to direct you). Please bring a chair/blanket and refreshments to your child’s event (and lots of enthusiastic cheer of course).
We also ask that no photos or videos are taken during the event for the safeguarding of our children please.
Children are asked to come to school in Two Mile Ash PE kit with a T-Shirt that is their House Colour*. Here is a reminder of the House colours:
 Brittain – Blue
 Emburey – Yellow
 Hawthorne – Black
 Rutherford – Red
 Townsend – Green
*Children without a house colour will be given a coloured bib
Please provide your child with a bottle of water. If the weather is warm and sunny, please ensure your child has sunscreen and a cap to wear.
There will be no PE lessons on the Sports Day mornings, so if your child normally has PE but it isn’t their Sports Day morning, they should come to school in their school uniform.
If you have any questions regarding Sports Day, please contact us at:
Thank you for your continued support and we wish your child an enjoyable experience.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Saville               Mr. Hobley
Head of PE              PE Coordinator