We know everyone is looking forward to a well earned rest over the Summer Holidays. As the holidays may be a bit different this year, all the subject at Two Mile Ash have come together to generate some simple yet fun activities that will help keep the children busy over the 6 week holiday.

If you and your child do have a go at some of these ideas you may want to take some pictures or keep a diary or a scrap book that could be shared when we all return in September.

Whatever you do over the break have fun and stay safe. Have a lovely summer!

Click the link below!

Holiday Hot List Final


We also have a number of activities recommended by your class teachers!

50 New things you need to try 

Try this Superhero Green smoothie recipe

River to Sea Project

When life give you lemons…. make lemonade!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar smoothie recipe’s


Here are some PE challenges set by Mr Greenhalgh and Mr O’Grady