Talk Boost Practitioner Training


Who is it for: Teachers and teaching assistants working with children in years 3, 4and 5.

It is important that staff attend in teacher and teaching assistant training pairs, as this is the structure that the intervention is based around.

What is Talk Boost? Talk Boost is a targeted intervention, for children in Years 3, 4 and 5 (7-10 year olds) who have delayed language development, aiming to boost their language skills to help them to catch up with their peers. Children who are identified using the online tracker tool attend 3 Talk Boost KS2 sessions per week, each between 30-40 minutes and delivered by a trained teaching assistant over 8 weeks. In addition to this, the teacher will run a weekly whole-class activity and there are activities that can be practised at home.

Course Overview: The training will give you the context for Talk Boost KS2 by developing your awareness of speech, language and communication and typical language development in KS2. It will help you to understand how to run the intervention including how to identify appropriate children, measure their progress and use the resources, and how to follow this up in class.


Please check back for course dates coming soon.


The cost is £100 per participant and £80 per participant for IFTL schools.

Please be reminded that you will need to book on an LSA and Teacher as a training pair.

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Talk Boost KS2 Practitioner Training February 2018

Participants will need to order Talk Boost KS2 resources in order to run the intervention in their schools. The cost of the Talk Boost KS2 intervention pack per training pair is £480. These can be purchased prior to the session by the trainer, if ordered in advance, resources can then be taken home on the day of the training session.

Terms and conditions 

Please note once you have booked onto this course, you will be contacted to confirm your resource ordering requirements. 

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For further information please contact Laura Black