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Harmonize Intro Letter 2023 WHOLE SCHOOL

Harmonize at the Young Voices Concert – Friday 19th January 2024

If your child is a member of Harmonize, or is joining us in September, they are able to take part in the Young Voices concert on Friday 19th January 2024 at the O2 Arena in London.

Young Voices is a fantastic experience for children who love to perform, and you can find lots of information about what it’s like by visiting youngvoices.co.uk. I also encourage our new Harmonize parents to speak to others whose children have attended Young Voices before, as this is often the best way to get a feel for what the concert involves and can help you decide whether it is something your child will enjoy.

On the day, the children arrive at school at the normal time, then we leave at 9:45am and travel by coach to the O2 Arena in London. We rehearse all afternoon, and then break for our evening meal. The concert itself begins at 7:00pm, and ends at around 9pm. The children then travel back to Two Mile Ash School by coach, and must be collected from the school hall when we arrive at around midnight. The children are expected to be in school the next day, and can arrive at school any time during the morning session for it to be counted as a full day’s attendance. The concert is filmed, and afterwards you can purchase a code that allows to access to stream the video online. This streamed video then becomes downloadable six months later. By signing your child up to the concert, you need to be aware that they may appear on the video, and are giving permission for this to happen. No children are named, and although the school Harmonize banner may be near to your child, they will not be specifically identified.

Audience tickets

We encourage families to attend the concert in the evening to see their child perform. Tickets will be available to purchase through the school on ParentPay, priced at £25 inc. VAT, and are then transferred to you before the concert. All audience members attending the concert must have a ticket unless ‘babes in arms’: this is a strict policy set by the O2 Arena. The deadline for ordering tickets is Friday 29th September. We are unable to order any more after this date. Our tickets are allocated in a block, and in an area of the arena from which our school can be seen clearly. Any parents who miss the deadline may be able to go direct to the O2 to purchase tickets, but a clear line of sight to their child is not guaranteed, prices may be higher, and the venue have sold out in recent years.

Children’s t-shirts

All the children must wear a white t-shirt when attending the Young Voices concert. This can be their plain school t-shirt, any other plain white t-shirt, or you can purchase a special Young Voices t-shirt for your child if you wish to, though this is not compulsory. These are priced at £15 and will be available to order through ParentPay. The YV t-shirts include a tiny LED torch that your child can use in the concert.

The deadline for all Young Voices tickets and t-shirt orders is strictly Friday 29th September.

To sign your child up for Young Voices, they first must be a member of Harmonize. We will then add the items to your ParentPay account, and we require a coach fee to secure your child’s place at the Young Voices concert. The coach fee will act as a non-refundable deposit for your child to attend, you will also need to give permission for your child to attend the concert by clicking a consent box when you pay the coach fee.

If you would like to secure a place for your Harmonize child to take part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 Arena on Friday 19th January 2024, please ensure you have booked their place by paying the £27.50 coach fee by Friday 29th September: if places become filled before then we will allocate your child a place on the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact Harmonize@tma.bucks.sch.uk if you have any questions regarding Harmonize or Young Voices 2024.

Em Marshall

Head of Music & Performing Arts