Year 3 Winter Update

Our Year 3 children have now completed their first term at Two Mile Ash. What a fun term we have all had. We have made lots of new friends, got to know our way around the school and worked hard to earn lots of merit’s. Well done Year 3!  

Within Learning Journey, we have continued to learn about the Stone Age people and our focus has turned to some of the most famous archaeological sites that teach us more about the Stone Age people. We have learned all about Skara Brae (a village of houses from the Neolithic times that have been discovered in the Orkney Islands) and the mystery around what Stonehenge was used for. We have come up with some brilliant theories, such as: it being used to scare off predators; a landmark designed by the Stone Age people for us to remember them by or even for discos, due to the position of the stones providing a great sound system.  

In science we have been learning about the qualities and types of rocks and diffident Light sources. Our class read for this term is has been Sig of the Dump which we have enjoyed reading together.  With Mrs Philips we have learnt all about the Zones of Regulation and what we can do to regulate our feelings. This is something we will continue working on with her after Christmas.  

Our Design and Technology focus has been Kites. We made a prototype and then designed, made, tested and evaluated our own kites. It was great fun using the tools and flying our kites outside.