Tickets for the evening 6 pm performance are no longer available.

This term we have been very busy rehearsing and preparing for our Year 4 performance of Alice the Musical. We have been learning our songs from our expert music teacher Mrs Marshall and we can’t wait to perform them! All of the Year 4 teachers have been really impressed with the high standard of acting and dedication from our children.

We will be having an afternoon and an evening performance to give you the opportunity to see your amazing children! The afternoon performance will be on Wednesday 21st March at 2pm and our evening performance will be on Wednesday 21st March at 6pm. Both performances will last approximately 1 hour. For the Wednesday evening performance we are asking that all the children are back in school for 5:15pm so that we can get them prepared for the show.

As always, there will be no charge to watch the performance, however we are asking you to book your tickets using our parents evening booking system to inform us of numbers and ensure fire safety regulations are upheld. Here is the link to the booking system

We do ask for no more than 4 tickets to be booked in order to allow all families the opportunity to attend. There is a ticket limit of 180 tickets per performance. Tickets are allocated on a first come first severed basis.

This is a whole year group performance so if for any reason your child is not available to perform in the evening please could you inform their class teacher.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Photos will be posted after the event.