Year 5 Update

In Year 5, we have had a truly fantastic term making a great start to all the exciting learning we have been doing so far!

From learning about the Amazing Americas, to our class read Darwin’s Dragons the children have well and truly got stuck into their learning. We had a truly fantastic inspiration day where we investigated the American flags from across both North and South America and we all enjoyed dressing up in the colours of the flags too. From our class read, Darwin’s Dragons we have created dragon drawings and prickly pear oil pastel drawings.

Take One Picture was also a big hit in Year 5 with the children creating colourful weaving patterns and wire sculptures too. In our shared area we have a celebrations and festivals board where the children have brought in posters and photographs of the celebrations and festivals they share with their families. I can’t quite believe how much we have included with a special art assembly held too where children drew their own artistic interpretations of London Bridge. There has been a real buzz about our Year group since the beginning of term and I can’t wait to see what’s up next in Year 5!