Our School

Click on the tab to take you to the year group of your choice. Find out important information about the year group including meet the team. Also, find details regarding our student council here and our extra-curricular and extended clubs.

Our Creed

  • There can never be another you. You are more than just special…you are unique!
  • As a human being you will develop qualities and strengths that should astound you. Use these strengths to overcome weakness.
  • Never carry a prejudice for it will harm you, but always listen well. There is never an end to learning.
  • Enlighten others through kindness and reason. Above all be fair. Trust in yourself and search for the best in others.
  • Always view the dawn as a new beginning and let your sunsets be full of memories. Time should be the canvas of your dreams.
  • Let the world be your masterpiece…Colour it with happiness, share in the joy of others and be proud of your own success.
  • This is your time. You are the artist who will inspire others.
  • Let TMA be your academy!