All about me

Hello there! My name is Miss Baldwin and I am head of Art at Two Mile Ash. Art is my favourite subject to teach as it is creative, fun and even a bit messy at times! I love art because it gives us all an opportunity to go on a creative journey together and make masterpieces in lots of different ways that might be drawing, painting, sculpting, print making and even taking photographs.

My favourite type of art is sculpting and finding unusual materials and making pieces of art out of them. I love visiting art galleries and learning about local and international artists that we can learn different techniques from but most importantly I love hearing your ideas about how we can inspire our own artworks as creativity is what arts all about!

Our Art Intent 

At Two Mile Ash School  we believe that children should be able to express themselves creatively, by using a range of materials to create art in a variety of forms and effectively make use of art in their everyday lives.

Our Art curriculum, ensures the progressive development of knowledge and skills, whilst using as rich vocabulary to help children develop ideas, master techniques and take inspiration from the greats. Our children gain experience and skills of a wide range of formal elements of art in a way that will enhance their learning opportunities, enabling them to use art creativity in a range of subjects across the curriculum. Extending their creative experience through inspiration days, collaborative whole school projects such as Take One Picture and linking art to mindfulness. As children move through the school, they are provided with opportunities to be critical of art and develop an understanding of how art both reflects and shapes our history.

Through our art curriculum, children are exposed to a variety of  local arts  through dance, drama and musical opportunities that Milton Keynes offers. Our Two Mile Ash arts offer, will contribute to children’s personal development in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. This would be seen in them being able to talk confidently about their work while also confidently sharing their work and journey with others.

Links to local community

At Two Mile Ash we really value the artistic links to our community in Milton Keynes. The children learn about local artists including Liz Lehy who sculpted the concrete  cows as well as ‘The Leaping Man’ a sculpture on one of Milton Keynes many roundabouts that was sculpted to honour Greg Rutherford who was a student at Two Mile Ash. We also use the Milton Keynes Gallery as a link with our arts offer as we feel its very important the children learn about the importance of art galleries.