All about me

Hello my name is Miss Mordecai, I am head of computing at Two Mile Ash School. I have always loved computing, from creating presentations at Primary school, programming at secondary, creating digital art for GCSE and animations (particularly stop motion animations).

Computers (along with other technologies) are now a big part of our everyday lives. It is a life skill, which many children will use in their future careers. Computing is a hands-on subject and allows children to explore and develop their own ideas and ways of working.

Computing at TMA

Computing at TMA in threaded through everything we do from learning our times tables, reading, word processing and programming. Computing is a vital part of our everyday lives at TMA, particularly this year, with teachers, children and parents adapting to communicate online. We also feel is also imperative that the children learn coding, animation and formatting for their digital future careers.

An integral part of computing at TMA is being able to stay safe online. Last year, we invited parents into school as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’, where the children learnt about our SMART rules. It was a great opportunity for children and parents to test their knowledge on e-safety, including what the age restrictions are for popular apps.