All about me

I have always loved building and making things. I really enjoy solving puzzles and coming up with creative solutions to problems. These are all key aspects of DT. I enjoy taking things apart to see how they work then having a go at making my own version. I have spent a lot of time with my own children as well as with my classes, designing and building exciting creations.

DT is a fundamental part of the progress we have made from the most basic of early dwellings and tools all the way up to the modern electric cars.

Design Technology at TMA

Design Technology at TMA is full of imaginative designs, we ensure we give the children a broad range of design opportunities throughout their time here. From baking, sewing, circuits to making tanks in year 6 (they have not blown anything up yet). We have had many exciting projects and made a wide range of different products over the years we provide our children with the skill set needed to continue with design in their lives.