All about us

Hello, we are Mrs Potter and Miss Harding – we lead languages at Two Mile Ash School and although the main language we teach at TMA is French, we celebrate all languages.

 Mrs Potter

I have a big passion for French and spent a year in France teaching English whilst studying French at University. I believe everybody has the ability to excel in learning a new language and the younger we learn the better!

Miss Harding

I moved to France as a teenager and taught English for a year in a primary school. I ended up being there for 2.5 years and then studied French and Spanish at University. I’m passionate about children learning different languages as it exposes them to new diverse cultures.

French at TMA

French teaching at Two Mile Ash aims to build children’s language confidence to equip them with a broad vocabulary base for basic conversational French.

Throughout the pupil’s four years at TMA, they are exposed to a host of language enrichment opportunities:

  • Learning about other countries and cultures through French and Learning Journey lessons.

  • A chance to visit Belgium (in Year 6)

  • French inspiration days.

  • Visits from secondary school pupils to enthuse about language opportunities at secondary school.

Helpful links

European Languages day is celebrated annually on 26th September.

As we aren’t singing in school at the moment, you could practise your favourite French songs at home to practice counting and months of the year.

Counting song:

Months of the year: