All about me

Hi, my name is Mr Siddiqui and I am the Head of History at Two Mile Ash School. Learning about the past is extremely interesting and I believe that it is incredibly important to have a broad view of history from all over the world.

The enquiry skills we develop when studying history will really help us to understand the perspective of different people from the past and also how the world has changed over time.

History at TMA

History is incorporated into learning journey topics throughout every year group at Two Mile Ash. Children will learn about a range of things from the Stone Age and Ancient Egyptians to both World Wars and how life in Britain has changed over the last few decades.

During their time at TMA, children will take part in various historical events, including:
– Black History Month (every October)
– Remembrance Day (every November)

We have also got a number of inspiration days and visits planned this year, including a Year 6 trip to Lincolnsfield so the children can experience what life was like in the 1940’s.

Links to the local community

An excellent website sharing the history and heritage of Milton Keynes. 

Every September thousands of volunteers across England organise events to celebrate our fantastic history and culture. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – all of which are FREE to explore.