Student Council

Welcome to our Student Council! You will get to meet each of our Student Council members through a pen portrait they have written for you. Each Student Council member is delighted to have been selected and they are already coming up with lots of ideas. We have decided to have a ‘Student Council Corner’ on our TMA website – so look out for that, as well as an email address for other pupils at TMA to share their ideas and communicate with Student Council sharing suggestions to make TMA even better! One of the first tasks facing the team is to share with all members of the school community the school improvement targets for the year. That way we can all work together to achieve our goals! The second task we have is to support the design and creation of a reflection garden, we have very generously been donated a sum of money from the Suki Woodland Memorial fund, and we are delighted to be able to enhance our school environment and provide a place for quiet thought and reflection. Finally, we are excited to work alongside other school Student Councils within the IFTL Trust, sharing our work and maybe taking on a shared activity – watch this space!


My name is Liam and I am 7 years old. I have one pet fish. I also have a little sister and my class in Year 3 is 3JJ. My house number is 25. I also have my own computer. I like reading long books and I like Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I’m very good at swimming and diving. Inside my house, it is nearly all white. My favourite hobby is Lego. My little sisters favourite animal is a panda.

My name is Annabella. My old school is Priory Common, my friends are Prea, Neavedita, Fallak, Kacie, Sienna and Disha. I am 7 years old, my sister is Katie. My favourite book is The Hungry Crocodile. I love ballet. My class is 3SB. My 3 top favourite teachers are Mrs Cursley, Mrs Barnes and Miss Haycock. I have a Kindle. My birthday parties are normally at home. My best friends are Frankie-Rose and Elisha. I love to write stories. I go swimming every Wednesday. I live with my mother, father and sister.

Hi my name is Charlie. I am 10. I love being funny. I  have 2 pet hamsters called Ginger and Tibbles.

Hi, my name is Han and I am in Year 4. I am in 4ES/MS and I am 8 years old. I like to eat anything except things that have eggs in.

Hi, I’m Olivia and I am in Year 4. I am 8 years old and have no brothers and sisters. I am in class 4ES/MS and I love unicorns and gymnastics and not forgetting athletics and cross country. I cant wait to make some awesome changes to the school!

Hi, I am Ryker. My favourite sport is swimming and I have 3 dogs called Bear, Ruby and Roodi (who only has 3 legs!). My 15-year-old brother plays football for Leicester City.


Hi my name Trinity. I am 9 years old, nearly 10. I have a sister and 3 brothers. I absolutely love unicorns and mermaids. I am in Year 5.

Hi,  I am Aaliyah and I am a Year 5 representative for Student Council. I am unique because I have an ability to run incredibly fast.

I hope to change things around Two Mile Ash School.

Hello, my name is Vikram and I am 10. I am in Year 6. I like science. My hobbies are swimming and cycling. I want to make the school a better place and improve the school.

I’m Funmi and I’m 10 years old. My hobbies are gymnastics, swimming and reading. My favourite colour is magenta and in my spare time, I like trampolining.

Hey, my name is Braydon and I love eating candy. I like learning, I’m lucky because when we learn well we get biscuits!

Hi, I am Saatchi. I am 8 years old and I love karate and cross stitch.