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The Year 3 Team.

Mr Mullett (Top Left)

Miss Barnett

Mrs Sims (Bottom Left)

Miss Abbas

Mrs Richards (Bottom Right)

Year 3 Staffing Structure

Class 3KW

Miss Whistler

Hello! I’m Miss Whistler, and I’m looking forward to meeting you all! I thought it might be nice for you to know a bit about me before I meet you properly, so here’s some important things to know about me.
I come from Milton Keynes, and have lived here all of my life, although for the past three years I’ve been teaching children in London. I love being a teacher and am always looking for ways to make learning a bit more fun!
When I’m not teaching, I am usually with my cat Frankie, who likes to climb all over me and play with my shoelaces. I can also be found hanging from a hoop, which is something I love doing because I find it really challenging. I spend a lot of my time running, and I am currently training for my third half-marathon, which I will be running in May!
One of my favourite things to do at home is to bake- I love making cakes, biscuits and bread- and always find that things taste much better when you make them yourself! I especially like
decorating cakes; I always volunteer to make my friends and family’s birthday cakes so that I get to decorate them!

Class 3PM

Mr Mullett

My name is Mr Mullett! I love working  in year 3, but have worked in all year groups in my time at TMA. I have lots of hobbies in my free time but I am loving my allotment at the moment. With the lovely warm weather recently, my little gem lettuces are nearly ready to harvest.  I’ve already planted 3 different types of potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes,  broccoli, onions, strawberries and many more! I’m looking forward to harvesting all of this! I also love growing dahlias and I plant all different colours and sizes.  Keep an eye out around school as once they flower, I will give one to each teacher.

Out of lockdown, I like playing football! I play on a Sunday mornings for a local team called Sherington Vets. So, even at my age (36), you can still enjoy playing football and scoring goals. My wife calls it “old man football.” I also like getting out on my bike and exploring the countryside on a long bike ride. My favourite colour is blue and I have a pet dog called Lola – she’s a small scruffy thing!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Class 3AA

Miss Abbas

My name is Miss Abbas and I’m going to be one of the Year 3 teachers. It’s going to be an amazing year filled with lots of fun and learning about new things. I can’t wait till I can meet you all! My favourite things about Year 3 are our learning journeys topics where we look at the Stone Age and Ancient Egyptians. We will read, write and make new friends, and go on school trips! I hope you’re ready for a great year.

Likes: Disney, dogs, chocolate, films, reading and travelling.

Dislikes: Liquorice and spiders.

Class 3AR

Mrs Richards

Hi everyone. My name is Mrs Richards and I have been working in Year 3 at Two Mile Ash for two years. I have three daughters, one of whom is the same age as you! Outside of school, I love learning languages and I can speak some French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. I also like to watch Disney films and sing the songs; my favourite is The Princess and the Frog. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in September. Have a great summer and come back ready to learn!

Class 3CB

Miss Barnett

My name is Miss Barnett and I’m so excited to be part of the Year 3 team in September! I’m looking forward to creating some amazing learning journeys with you all. I’m most excited about the topic Ancient Egyptians as this is one of my favourite time periods. We are going to have a fantastic year filled with new friends, learning, and some exciting trips! I can’t wait to meet everyone in September.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping active in the outdoors by running, walking and cycling. I love reading and my favourite books are ALL of the Harry Potters. I’m a huge animal lover and enjoy walking my dog around my village on sunny days. I’m excited for the summer and to spend time in my garden however I’m even more excited for September to start teaching in year 3.

Miss Cormack

Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn Term Topic Overview

Autumn Term Learning Journey Overview

Spring Term Topic Overview

Spring Term Learning Journey Overview

Summer Term Topic Overview

Summer Term Learning Journey

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