Year 6 Bikeability will take place over three consecutive school days, beginning Monday,  6th November 2017. All instruction will take place during school time and  pupils have been split into 4 groups  as follows:


Monday, 6th November (am)Monday, 6th November (pm)
Tuesday, 7th November (pm)Tuesday, 7th November (am)
Wednesday, 8th November (am)Wednesday, 8th November (pm)
Thursday, 9th November (am)Thursday, 9th November (pm)
Friday, 10th November (pm)Friday, 10th November (am)
Monday, 13th November (am)Monday, 13th November (pm)

Your child will have been informed of their group.

They will need to bring their bike and helmet to school on the days that have been allocated. A waterproof coat, hat, gloves and trainers must be brought to school also. Your child needs to come through the school gates (at the usual time) with his/her bike and secure it in the cycle shed on the relevant days.

Here are a handful of photos from today!