SEND (Pupil Support)

PUPIL SUPPORT at TMA – ‘There are no limits’

At Two Mile Ash School, we are passionate about all children receiving the best possible education and developing their full potential in line with their individual needs and abilities.  We endeavour to always provide a positive and nurturing environment whereby our children feel able to build upon their strengths and have the confidence to overcome their areas of development.

It is our aim to raise the aspirations and expectations of all pupils with SEND.  We remain unashamedly focused on the outcomes for all children with a view that they are unique and therefore part of our role is to foster independence.  We do this by setting appropriate learning outcomes and using a wide range of strategies, which are personalised to the individual rather than being focused on hours and numbers.

We readily cater for children’s different learning styles and maximise any learning opportunities available, whether this be in the class setting, in small groups or 1:1 bespoke support.  We believe learning should be relevant, interactive, fun and enjoyable.  Our provision is extensive and varied to ensure that we provide the best support for the many areas of Special Educational Needs.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Sally Scriven – Head of inclusion


Our Pupil Support team.

Mazeenath Reyal, Lubnah Bangash, Kim Fewell, Lisa Halai, Melanie Wilmott, Sally Scriven, Natalie Phillips, Applegyn Velencia, Claire Martin, Sabah Bille, Michelle Spriddle and Fathima Mohamed Rafeek.