Our Class Read

Year 3’s class read is currently ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King.

The children are really enjoying this book so far and as part of our school reading pledge, teachers are sharing this story with their classes for at least 10 minutes every day.


Year 3 Winter Update

Year 3 (inc. Year 2 Transition)

Welcome to Year 3 at Two Mile Ash School. Please scroll down to find out further information about Year 3, including curriculum, events and activities.


Mrs Cormack Mattu
Head of Year 3


Year 3 Team

Mrs Bille, Mr Mullet, Mrs Cormack-Mattu, Mrs Ahmed, Miss Watkinson, Miss Wilson, Miss Barnet, Mr Little and Miss Jenkins

Year 3 Curriculum

Autumn Term Topic Overview

Autumn Term Learning Journey Overview

Our Spring and Summer term overviews will be updated for 2022.
For an idea on what your child will be studying, please look at the last academic year below.

Spring Term

Year 3 Spring - Milton Keynes Overview 2021-22

Year 3 Spring 2021-22 Learning Journey Overview

Summer Term

Summer Term Topic Overview

Year 3 Summer 2021-22 Learning Journey Overview