The Governors and I are committed to you and the needs of your child. Our aim and intention is that both you and your child will have a rewarding and happy experience at Two Mile Ash School.  We firmly believe that your child has the right to the best education possible, so that he or she can reach their full potential and, at the same time, find that school life at Two Mile Ash can be interesting and enjoyable.

Parents and school have a common and shared interest – your child, working together in partnership. This partnership builds a firm foundation from which your child will develop the skills necessary for their future.

We aim to make your child’s transition from their previous school to ours as smooth and trouble free as possible.  We know that generally, children make the move from one school to another easily and without experiencing any problems at all.  However, things may seem ‘different’ at first and children may feel unsure especially in the first few days.  This is entirely normal, understandable and quickly passes.

Our commitment to you, your child and our partnership, means we ensure our school is an ‘open’ and welcoming school.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time or come in to see us.

The following information is intended to help you and make your child feel welcome as they join the school. It deals only with matters of general importance and you are welcome to raise items of an individual nature or of a private concern, at any time. The Governors, staff and I, at Two Mile Ash School, are committed to helping your child develop and obtain a full, happy and thorough education in the most complete way possible.  With your help and support in our partnership, this will be assured.

I look forward to welcoming your family to Two Mile Ash School.

Best wishes,

Lucy Eldridge


You will find all the information required to make an application for a place at Two Mile Ash School below.

Normal entry

This is for children starting junior school for the first time in September following a child’s 7th birthday. Applications to start at the normal point of entry must be submitted to the council by the deadline date and will be processed in accordance with the ‘Co-ordinated Scheme for Primary Schools’ to ensure that across the country, children starting school for the first time or transferring from an infant or junior/primary school on to the next phase of their education are offered a school place on the same day – National Offer Day.

Milton Keynes Council Admissions 

In-year admissions

This is for children joining at any other time. When applying in-year, a primary in-year application must be completed for each child. Applications will be processed in date receipt order. Proof of residency or documentary evidence of a house move will be required to determine the priority ranking on the school’s waiting list.


Two Mile Ash School Information for Parents

Welcome Pack

Admissions Criteria

In Year Application form

Admission form  (for all children who have been offered a place at Two Mile Ash School)