Our Science Intent

At Two Mile Ash, it is our intent to develop a natural curiosity in the world around us, revelling in its wonders and as such, inspiring our children to become the next generation of scientists. We follow a systematic, investigative approach to learning across the biological, chemical and physical aspects, following and embracing the National Curriculum. Pupils are introduced to, and will develop, skills that allow them to pose questions, experiment and draw conclusions based on their findings. We believe that developing enquiring minds is key to developing a love of science. As a result, each year group are taught the skills to investigate through a progression of working scientifically statements that build on previous years.

These are embedded through continual practise in a wide variety of experiments that often create a sense of awe and wonder. Science knowledge and understanding is another key aspect of our curriculum and it is important that children gain an in depth understanding of each topic, using the correct scientific vocabulary as well as being able to apply their understanding to real world experiences and events.

We believe that taking science outside of the classroom environment promotes a greater desire to engage and promotes independent learning. At Two Mile Ash, we encourage this by providing a breadth of opportunities such as discussions with scientists, science competitions and STEM fair opportunities, science excursions, after school science clubs and becoming science leaders for the school. Through this wide variety of experiences and curriculum lessons we aim to inspire children to have healthier lifestyles and promote a culture of building a more sustainable environment that helps to look after our planet for future generations to come.


Hello everyone! My name is Mrs Blackhurst and I am the Head of Science at Two Mile Ash School. I have always had a passion for all things science. As a child I was fascinated by the world around me and always wanted to know why things happened. My prized possession as a child was a telescope and I spent many hours watching the sky at night, creating my own star patterns and eventually learning their true names.

Science is all around us, from the natural world to the engineering of new and exciting gadgets, and I enjoy learning about it all. However, my main passion is for biology. Many of you know that I love to learn about the more obscure animals and plants of our world as they reveal the true diversity of life on our wonderfully unique planet.

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