Our Class Read

Our class read this term will be ‘Trenches’ by Jim Eldridge; as part of our school reading pledge, teachers will be sharing this story with their classes for at least 10 minutes every day.

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Two Mile Ash School. Please scroll down to find out further information about Year 6, including our class read, staffing structure, things we have been up to and SATs.


Mr Tom Ruffett
Head of Year 6

Year 6 (1)

Year 6 Team

Mr Ruffett, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Ismail, Mrs Blackhurst, Mrs Child, Mr Marshall, Mrs Sharma and Miss Watkinson.

Year 6 has been learning about WW1 this half term, beginning with the causes of the war and the changing appearance of Europe as a result of the war.  We have learnt about how the government used propaganda to encourage young men and women to enlist, some of the main battles, the trenches and how people actually living in England were affected rather than those fighting overseas.   As part of this history unit, we have also incorporated English skills by learning some of the most famous WW1 poems and developing our point evidence skills.  On National Poetry Day, each class learnt and recited a different WW1 poem to perform in front of the whole year group. The teachers were very impressed!  Our homework was also based on this topic where each pupil had to recite at least six lines of a WW1 poem from heart, not just focusing on knowing the lines but on reciting clearly and with expression.

Next half term, Year 6 begins learning about WW2 - the causes and consequences both at home and abroad.  In November, pupils will take part in our WW2 inspiration day where they will be involved in various activities throughout the whole day including learning part of a 1940's dance, playing games from that era and creating art based on this topic.  We are also visiting Milton Keynes Museum over the course of 3 afternoons where the staff there are looking forward to teaching us more about life at home from 1939-1945.