Year 2 Transition

Dear Parent/Carer,
Thank you for making the choice to trust us to do the very best we can for your child during the next four years of their schooling. We have every hope of being able to fulfil all your expectations and we’d like to believe that we will even raise your expectations of your child’s capabilities in the process.
We have great things planned for your child but it is absolutely essential that we work together to achieve our aspirations. The support and understanding of our parents is critical to the success of this school – we enjoy a terrific partnership with our parents and whether you are already a TMA parent, or if this will be your first year with us, we will need your help to build on this partnership further.
Below I have detailed information that I need to share with you to ensure your child’s induction process runs as smoothly as possible.
If you believe that your child will not be starting with us in September 2024, please can you inform us in writing as soon as possible.
Parent’s Induction Evening
Please join us for our all-important parent’s induction evening on Wednesday 12th June at 6.00pm. We will be informing you of your child’s new teacher and you will have the opportunity to meet them and the rest of the team, as well as receiving a welcome pack. Due to shortage of space in our hall, we would be grateful if only adults attend.
On the night, you will be given a tour of the school and introduced to many people who will be involved with your child. The induction day arrangements will be fully explained along with lots of information to help your child settle into life at Two Mile Ash. This tour lasts from 6pm – 8pm, so please make the necessary child care arrangements.
In addition we also have also set up a “Year 2 Transition” section on our website This will be updated regularly throughout the term to ensure that you and your child have all the information you need to support this transition process. Here, you will find videos of our school and transition activities for your child to complete before joining us. We would love you to start feeling part of the TMA family and our website is always open and will give you and your child a great glimpse into life at TMA. Also, we have a very popular YouTube channel where we share some fantastic videos to help you see us in action! Please share these with your children so that they start familiarising themselves with our school. Finally, why not like us on Facebook and see some of our previous posts and get a real sense of the TMA community that you are now a part of.
We know this can be quite an exciting yet nervous time for the children and yourselves as parents alike so if at any time you want to get in contact, please do not hesitate to email or ring and speak to reception who can put you in contact with the best member of staff to support you, 01908 562262.
Induction Day
The Year 3 team are very excited about meeting the children on our Induction Day – Monday 1st July 2024. The children who currently attend Ashbrook and Holmwood schools will walk to Two Mile Ash School with their current class teachers. They will be collected by their class teachers and escorted back to their school in time for normal end of day procedures.

Children who currently attend any other first school will need to arrive at Two Mile Ash reception area at 9.10am on Monday 1st July. They can also be collected from this area at 3.00pm.
On induction day, your child will need to bring a packed lunch with them and a healthy snack for morning playtime. The children from Ashbrook and Holmwood will be provided with a packed lunch from their first school if you wish.
On the induction day, please can your child wear their current school uniform.
Uniform for September
In order to ensure we are providing our parents with the best options available for ordering uniform, we are using a local stockist for school uniform. Maisies, based in Wolverton, are the largest supplier of school uniform in Milton Keynes and have a service record second to none. Their website is Maisies stock the uniform both in store and online and uniform is available to order and buy all year round. Delivery charges may apply, please check their website for details. Further details regarding our TMA uniform expectations can be found here,
Admissions Form
At Two Mile Ash School we use the MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) app for all communications, bookings for trips and clubs and other forms of essential information. It is therefore essential that you download this app to stay up to date will all communications form us. We will be sending out further communication and a step by step guide on how to download this app and how to complete your admissions form next week.
It is crucial that these first experiences are smooth. If you have any concerns or worries, please come in or call us and I’m sure we can reassure you. We appreciate that moving to Two Mile Ash School is a big step and I promise you, as a team, we will do everything in our power to ensure it is a positive and exciting time. This is the beginning of a four-year journey and we all look forward to travelling it with you.
Yours sincerely,
Lucy Eldridge
Head Teacher

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